Skills Assessment

By choosing to do a skills assessment, you will have a clear understanding on what your professional and personal skills are and you will be able to decide on the right professional path to follow for your future. In these ten sessions of two hours each, you will learn to know yourself better, to identify your strengths and to use your weaknesses and fears so that they will become your best allies.


This assessment will also give you the opportunity to understand and analyze yourself, your past jobs, your present situation and to build your future professional project by questioning yourself on your motivation, your desire, your core values and objectives. By working on your skills, you will make better career choices.


Normally, the sessions are done on a face-to-face basis, however,
it is also possible to have them online if you are located outside

of Switzerland. Nonetheless, we always recommend meeting
face-to-face at least once or twice during the process.


Career Transition

This coaching is a process in which you will develop greater know-how as well as capacities to deal with your emotions and also to build solid relationships during your career. Gillio Executive Search helps you to navigate through this process in case of redundancies, terminations or resignations.


A successful outplacement

A successful outplacement ensures that your next career move is part of a coherent long-term plan taking into account your personality, skills and core values.

At Gillio Executive Search, we provide powerful tools and a state-of-the-art methodology enabling you to define such a plan and implement it:


- Skill assessments, among other beneficial aspects, define your desired job and draw up a coherent long-term plan to secure it. Then your project will take shape and be consolidated. The analysis

of the prevailing conditions in the corporate world and current market trends will determine the

feasibility of your project.

- Implementation of your career plan

- Training for job interviews, building an efficient resume and job negotiation skills

- Job search strategy

- Follow-up on job integration


Our professional coaching programme will guide you through a process of reflection and provide the support you need to achieve set career objectives. Together, we will define the contents of your own programme.



Assessment before an interview

When you are being considered for a managerial position and you have been invited to take part in a selection assessment, thanks to the support of Gillio Executive Search you will be able to take full advantage of this opportunity. You can evaluate your situation, learn more about yourself and develop new skills with the help of psychometric tools and role-playing exercises.


The assessment will enable the company to ascertain whether you have the necessary qualifications for the position as well as the personal, social and managerial skills required to inspire confidence in those around you. In addition, you will be able to achieve the ambitious goals that have been set by the company.


Our approach includes the following stages:

- Careful analysis of the company’s needs and specific environment

- Clear definition of the job requirements in terms of managerial, social and personal skills

- Case studies, role-playing and other relevant exercises

- Evaluation based on objective observations regarding predefined skills

- Detailed report and constructive feedback

- Development plan


This approach will provide you with

an opportunity to take stock and to engage in learning and constructive development.


Corporate talent management

Good corporate development relies on human capital. Professional coaching is, therefore, key to enabling employees, managers and directors to reach their full potential and to fulfil their responsibilities in an optimal way.


Professional coaching makes it possible to build and consolidate positive employer-employee relations, since it focuses on personal development. It is beneficial for the company and the employees. It is a win-win situation. The company is able to demonstrate that it cares as much about the employees’ well-being, motivation, efficiency and performance as well as in fulfilling its own requirements.


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